The Route


Our planned route as of December 22, 2015.


Our final route.

After planning our route for several months, the itinerary has become rather … detailed. While discussing the journey with family and friends, many have identified different places where we should stop. We’ve tried to take all of those ideas and forge them into a somewhat sensical plan. Above is the latest iteration of the journey. It will be updated to reflect the actual trip as it progresses.

We used a mapping service called Roadtrippers to build our route. It’s easy to use and automatically charts the quickest drive from Point A to Point B, with many suggestions for things to see along the way. However, a single trip can only have 60 stops so we took the four legs of the trip (currently 139 stops!) and composited them together.



3 thoughts on “The Route

  1. Nice itinerary. I’m surprised you wont be going to Yellowstone Park. On the other hand, I’m VERY glad you’re taking the Pacific Coast Highway up to San Fran; it’s a beautiful drive. Also, I’ll be curious to hear about why you chose some of the places you chose (like Wichita) when I see you here in a few months!


    • Thanks Wayne, it was great to meet you too! Coincidentally, that is exactly the app we’ve been using for our parks adventures. It has been very useful at finding parks and keeping track of the ones we’ve been to – 45 and counting! If they integrated offline park/trail maps, it would be perfect.


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