Getting travel insurance continued…

December 29 and Amalia still hadn’t received her drivers licence (I had received mine the week before). We called ServiceOntario. Apparently, her licence was in the mail, but because of the holidays it might not arrive until the week of January 4 (we were scheduled to depart on January 3).

The paper licence extension she had been provided to cover her driving until the new licence arrived was set to expire on the 31. We were told we had to come in before it expired or pay a fee for a further extension. Great. Essentially, ServiceOntario wasn’t able to produce a new licence in the time they had promised and needed us to come in again to get an extension on the extension or else pay even more money. Frustrating.

But, we waited and the next day Amalia’s licence actually arrived. We went into the ServiceOntario location for the fourth time on December 31 and finally got the OHIP extension … after waiting two hours because their computer system was down. Twenty-four hours later we had travel insurance and the most bureaucratic hurdle of our trip had been overcome.


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