Getting a vehicle and insurance for that vehicle

We thought this would be difficult as neither of us had bought a car before, but Amalia’s parents were amazing and leant us their 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan. Adding us to the insurance was pretty straight forward, but the insurance company suggested we should do one thing – update the addresses on our licences to match the address on the insurance so that, should we run into any trouble, there were less questions.

It was more than a month until our departure, so we figured no problem. We went to the local ServiceOntario location and applied to have our addresses changed. Two to three weeks they said. Perfect.

Now, this car has seen some adventures already. It’s gone 200,000 km, has some rust in some places too rude to mention, and we’ve already had it in the shop three times in the first month of driving around Toronto and Kitchener. Still, we’re optimistic. Seems like a beaten up minivan is the perfect vehicle for adventure – short of a Westfalia that is.



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